A winning agency that makes you successful, valuable, and win the race: Pitstop

Pitstop was established 20 years ago by four friends who thought that “how working with a creative, equipped, skillful, sincere agency could make things easier, so why wouldn’t we be that agency?” during their duty in a marketing department of a multinational company. It was such a right call that we grew rapidly and became an indispensible solution partner of tens of companies.

At the present time, Pitstop is a subsidiary of Omnicom Group Inc., the first member of “Global Impact” in Turkey, and a member of both Healthcare Agencies Platform and Association of Advertising Agencies.

Fast and Creative

Our name comes from the special area in Formula 1 races (pitstop) where a team do wonders by working as busy bees. We surely did not only take our name but also got inspired from this area that provides fastest and most accurate solutions for F1 pilots who mostly race against time rather than each other. We know what is essential in rapidly changing markets and add our creativity on our passion for speed and excellence accordingly. Needless to say, we also change to improve and get renewed.

Caring and Meticulous

As a full service brand communication agency, our approach to our clients and products is caring and meticulous as we put our brand management, marketing, and advertising experience into practice. This is one of the secrets of our success. By taking private approach as a general principle, we are now one of the well-know healthcare communication agencies that has a lot of important pharmaceutical companies in its portfolio.

Experienced and Strategical

Marketing managers want and expect advertising agencies they work with to understand them and their business needs, which we always do as our first step. We show empathy to our clients, analyze their needs, and provide creative, accurate, efficient solutions for their needs with our strategic planning team who priorly worked on client side and have marketing experience, experienced account executives, and creative team who have worked for various sectors.

Up-to-Date and Innovative

We don’t miss out the interrelation amongst creativity, innovation, and uniqueness. Therefore, we act fast as we adapt to new technologies, which we are aware that is something essential rather than necessary in order to make a difference in the market. We push the boundaries of conventional and regular marketing methods and enjoy developing innovative strategies. So, we offer a wide range of services where we also bring digital solutions forward.

Special and Popular

Professionalism doesn’t prevent us from being cheerful, friendly, and modest. Thankfully, we have a lot of major clients, in other words good friends, since we are not only good at our job but also at building strong relationships. Pharmaceutical companies such as Abbott, Actelion, Amgen, AİFD (Association of Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies), Boehringer Ingelheim, Covidien, Eczacıbaşı Baxter, Gilead, GlaxoSmithKline, Lilly, Novartis, Pfizer, Recordati, Roche, and Servier are in our friend list along with non-pharmaceutical companies such as Unilever, ESCON, and Sarp Group.

More about us

You can either take a look at our presentation below or download the pdf document by clicking here.